Dr. McCabe

Owner & Lead Chiropractor

Dr. Patrick McCabe, DC, embodies care and compassion, driven by a profound desire to reconnect his patients with their best selves and unlock their full potential. Through his practice, Alpha Life Chiropractic, Dr. McCabe offers top-tier chiropractic care to the Irving, Texas community and beyond.

Dr. McCabe is committed to delivering efficient and cost-effective chiropractic care and functional medicine. He takes the time to thoroughly explain his patients' conditions and treatment plans, fostering a deep understanding. He goes above and beyond to form a personal connection with each patient, facilitating their journey toward optimal health and well-being.

His journey in healthcare began with a degree in kinesiology with a chemistry concentration from the University of Miami. Subsequently, he furthered his education at Parker University in Dallas, earning his doctor of chiropractic degree and becoming board certified and licensed in Texas. Dr. McCabe continually advances his expertise in functional medicine and functional neurology, serving patients of all ages at his private practice.

During his chiropractic doctoral studies, Dr. McCabe honed his skills by working in various clinics and mentoring fellow students in chiropractic adjustment techniques. At Alpha Life Chiropractic, he educates his patients on the vital link between spinal health and quality movement. His approach delves into the root causes of common issues, addressing concerns such as back and neck pain, headaches, and other musculoskeletal conditions.

After exploring diverse opportunities in pain management and holistic health private practices, Dr. McCabe found his calling in Irving, Texas. He established his own clinic, incorporating the best aspects of his experiences. He now serves as a program director in the Chiropractic Sciences department at Parker University in Dallas.

As a one-man operation, Dr. McCabe is deeply committed to functional nutrition and possesses expertise in laboratory evaluations and blood-work analysis. Many patients travel from afar to be part of his dedicated community. His mission at Alpha Life is to reestablish communication between the brain and body, tailoring care to each patient's unique health goals, ensuring optimization for individuals of all backgrounds. Dr. McCabe is readily available for consultations, welcoming both new and returning patients seeking a personalized, holistic approach to wellness.

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